Samsung to launch smartphone with three-sided display

Samsung reportedly is getting ready to release a smartphone with a curved screen that wraps around the sides.

With the screen on the sides, users will be able to see messages at an angle, Bloomberg News reported.

The curved-screen device will most likely go on sale in the second half of 2014, according to unnamed sources in the Bloomberg report.

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Samsung released the Galaxy Round, its first phone with a curved screen, last month in South Korea. It features a slight left-to-right curve, making it fit nicely in users’ palms.


But the Galaxy Round screen does not wrap around the edges like the one on the new smartphone reportedly will. Samsung has viewed curved screens as a way to bring innovation back to smartphones and avoid a slowdown in sales.

Rival South Korean electronics giant LG has also jumped on the curved-screen bandwagon, releasing a curve-screen device of its own, the LG G Flex.


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