Top 4 digital ways to interact with Santa Claus

Christmas is more than two weeks away, but thanks to several apps and websites, people can interact with Santa Claus whenever they want.

Here are four ways to use your laptop or smartphone to connect with St. Nick this holiday season.

Hello Santa

If you’ve ever wanted to video chat with Santa Claus, you can now do so using Hello Santa, a website and iPhone app.


Users must schedule a chat time with Mr. Claus (he’s a busy man), but once the call begins, they can talk as long as they want. Each chat is recorded so users can relive their conversations with Santa.

Each call costs money. Users are charged $14.99 to chat with Santa, but they can apply the code “JOLLY” to get $5 off.

ReindeerCamPeople who want to see Santa’s reindeer can head over to ReindeerCam, which  has a constant live stream of Santa’s furry friends.

Santa comes out to feed his reindeer several times a day. Users can tune in Monday through Friday at 8 a.m., 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific time to see him feed the reindeer. St. Nick also comes out at 3 p.m. Pacific on the weekends. 


Track Santa using NORAD or Google

Users can track Santa’s journey around the globe as he delivers gifts this year using the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s Santa tracker tool or one offered by Google

Each tracker will have Santa’s whereabouts once he starts delivering gifts. Before then, users can visit each site to play Christmas-related mini games.

A NORAD tracking app will be available for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Google says it will roll out a tracking app for Android devices later this month.

Navigation apps

If you don’t want to download any new apps or pay to talk to Santa, just use your favorite navigation app -- Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc. -- and pull up directions to your nearest shopping mall, where Santa is surely hanging out and taking pictures with children.


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