Santa Monica singer releases world’s first bitcoin love song [Video]

If anyone or anything could use a little love right about now, it’s bitcoin.

The poor, beleaguered virtual currency has had a rough go of it lately. There was the collapse of Mt. Gox, once the largest bitcoin exchange, and the loss of a few hundred million dollars worth of bitcoin. There were charges of money laundering related to another bitcoin exchange. And of course, last week, there was the Newsweek story that may or may not have unveiled the identity of the creator of bitcoin.

STORY: Will the real creator of bitcoin please stand up?

But count Laura Saggers of Santa Monica among those who still believe in the power of bitcoin. So much so, that the singer and songwriter has penned the world’s first bitcoin love song.


“I do agree that it’s hard for the general public to get into it,” she said in an email interview. “It will become easier in time, but with all the negative press, I decided to write a song about it. I wanted to write something quirky and cute so the general public could relate, but also start getting the word out that bitcoin is a thing and a damn cool thing at that.”

The song, set to a bouncy piano track, lists all the things she’d buy with bitcoin for the person she loves.

“If I had 10,000 bitcoins do you know what I would buy?” she sings. “Get you the car you wanted, yeah, the one with the rear-wheel drive.”

Though she cautions:

“Having lots of money, that won’t make you happy,” she sings. “If you’re super duper rich but all alone. It’s having someone to share the dream. I’m so glad that you share mine with me!”

Saggers said she personally has been trading in virtual currencies for eight months. She grew up interested in technology and studied programming in college, where she majored in music. She currently owns two bitcoins and 62 litecoins.

“Took me a while to get my head ‘round it but now I love it,” she said. “I read as many blogs and articles as I can so I am up to date and I’m a huge advocate of it.”

The video above that was released with the song was directed by Tyler Leisher and produced by Greg Johnson.

You can purchase a copy of the single for just 0.0015 bitcoins. (That’s about 94 cents.)


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