Snapchat unveils Stories, a feature that shows content for 24 hours


Snapchat, which pioneered the disappearing message, has introduced a feature that makes it possible to share pictures and videos with others for an entire day.

The new feature, called Stories, is a compilation of Snapchat videos and pictures taken within the last 24 hours. Users select which of their snaps they want to add to their story.

The feature is Snapchat’s first departure from content that disappears within a matter of seconds. Previously, users could only send pictures or videos to friends they select for at most 10 seconds. With stories, users can share content that sticks around for 24 hours with all of their friends.


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“Your Story never ends and it’s always changing,” Snapchat said in a blog introducing the new feature. “The end of your Story today is the beginning of your Story tomorrow.”

Users can add snaps to their story by selecting on “My Story” in the “Send to” menu where they also pick the friends who they want to send snaps to directly.

Once snaps are added to a user’s story, others can view the story by tapping on a little circle icon in their “My Friends” menu.

Snapchat rolled out updates for the Apple iOS and Android versions of its app that include the new feature.



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