Tinder no longer just for iPhone dating, now for Android users too

Android Tinder
Tinder, the popular mobile dating app, launched Tuesday on Android.

Tinder, the popular mobile dating app, is finally available to Android users.

The app, which reportedly aims to making dating easier by taking the risk of rejection out of the equation, launched Tuesday on Android after being exclusive to the iPhone.

Tinder, which syncs with your Facebook profile, has grown immensely popular since launching last September, and it works by letting users quickly see others in their radius who they may be compatible with. If the user is interested in someone, they can swipe to the left on their device, and if not, they can swipe to the right and move to the next candidate.

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If two users indicate that they are both interested in each other, then Tinder will let them know and allow them to chat with each other.

The company said it decided to finally release a version of its app for Android after receiving nearly a million requests for it.

“We’re excited to finally introduce ourselves to a very large segment of the population that hasn’t had the opportunity to experience Tinder yet,” Sean Rad, Tinder chief executive and co-founder, said in a statement. 

Android users can download the app from Google Play.



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