Top 5 flipping and tossing athletic Vines so far this year

Vine is becoming a haven for athletic tricks.
Vine is becoming a haven for athletic tricks.

Limited to just six seconds, it can be tough to squeeze an athletic trick into a Vine video post, but when users do, it’s pretty impressive.

Whether it’s basketball tricks, ninja-like moves or good ol’ physical humor, here are the top five athletic Vines of 2013 so far. If I’ve missed any, let me know in the comments.

‘How to dodge a kick’

Do you constantly find yourself being kicked at? Well don’t just stand there -- learn from the Vine below and dodge! This Vine shows two girls fighting (it’s probably a fake fight) and one of the girls does an impressive back flip to get out of the way. With moves like those, no one will ever pick on you again.


‘The front flip shot’

We already covered back flips, so now onto front flips. There’s no fighting in this Vine, but check out this basketball shot. The guy in this video hops on a trampoline from one end of the basketball court, does a front flip and shoots the ball all the way to the other side.

‘Amazing Street Basketball shot’

But as cool as front flip shots are, this video of a group of friends throwing trick passes to one another is even better. This Vine shows six guys passing the ball to one another as quickly as they can before the final guy slams the ball in with a power jam.

‘Epic Trampoline Pool Shot’

Much like the previous video, this Vine shows a couple of buddies making trick passes and dunking a basketball, but they take it to the next level by doing it with seven people and at a pool. The first pass actually comes from a guy on a trampoline. So you have a pool, trampoline and basketball tricks. What else could you want?

‘Flying Pillow Hits Baby’

This Vine is not the most athletic, but it’s so funny that it simply cannot be left off this list. The video shows a little girl playing with an adult. The girl hits the woman lightly with her pillow, to which the woman responds by throwing the pillow as hard as she can at the little girl running away. The pillow nails the girl so hard that it sends the little girl flying forward. The girl is then heard giggling. How good was the throw? Well, the pillow had so much velocity that it bounces off the girl and then lands on top of her. Pure athleticism.


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