Half of Twitter’s board members rarely tweet

Twitter's newest board member, Marjorie Scardino, is one of many company board members who rarely use the service.
Twitter’s newest board member, Marjorie Scardino, is one of many company board members who rarely use the service.
(David Paul Morris / Bloomberg)

Twitter made headlines Thursday by appointing its first female board member, Marjorie Scardino. But it turns out the former Pearson chief executive had never sent a tweet prior to joining the company.

Scardino’s first tweet came after the @Twitter account announced her appointment.

"@twitter Thank you. There couldn’t be a more exciting time in Twitter’s history to join!” the new board member tweeted Thursday morning.

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Scardino’s lack of tweets might make her seem unqualified for the job, but if anything she’s just as qualified as several others on Twitter’s board of directors.

As pointed out by Quartz, about half of Twitter’s board members rarely use the social network.

Besides Scardino, neither Peter Currie, David Rosenblatt nor Peter Chernin has sent out more than 108 tweets since opening their accounts.

Fellow board member Peter Fenton has sent out 1,164 tweets, which is more respectable but still somewhat lacking.


The most active users of the service among company leaders are cofounders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams and Chief Executive Dick Costolo, who have sent out, 14,278, 7,178 and 7,122 tweets, respectively.

The board of directors’ lack of Twitter experience isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These people are supposed to be business savvy, not social media savvy. But it never looks good for a company when its own board members don’t use its product.

Google came under similar scrutiny a few years back after the Google+ social network was launched. While Google worked to get users on Google+, many of its own executives rarely used the service.



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