Twitter now letting more users see their tweet analytics

Ever wondered how many people click on the links you tweet? Wonder no more.

Twitter appears to be giving all users access to analytics tools that can be used to see how many people are clicking on links they share. The analytics tools also show how many retweets and responses that tweets get, as well as how many users “favorite” a specific tweet.

To access this data, users can head to the Twitter Ad dashboard, where they will be prompted to sign in with their Twitter account. Once in, they can click on the “Analytics” tab on the top left corner of the screen. After that they can click on “Timeline Activity” to find data on their tweets. That data can be viewed online or downloaded as a CSV file.


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Under the “Analytics” tab, users can also select “Followers” to be taken to a page with information about the type of people who follow them. The data shows how a user’s followers break up by gender and location as well as the topics a user’s followers are interested in. Other information includes a graph that shows how a user’s follower base has grown over time and other accounts that their users also follow.

It’s unclear when Twitter opened up its analytics features to the public; until recently the company made this data available only to users who pay to promote their tweets.

Opening up the feature to all users could result in more advertising revenue for Twitter. Now, anyone can see how well their tweets do, and that may drive them to pay to promote their tweets.

Twitter could not be reached for comment.


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