Twitter adds two-step verification option to help fend off hackers

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Twitter has rolled out a two-step verification, a feature users can turn on to give themselves more protection against would-be hackers.

The verification method makes it harder for hackers to take over Twitter accounts that don’t belong to them by requiring that users enter their password as well as a special code that is sent to their phone when they try to log in. The code does not generate until the user attempts to log in, and it changes each time they do. You can see how the feature works in the video above.

The feature comes after a number of news organizations, most notably the Associated Press, fell victim to hackers who took over their account to send out tweets with false information. If news sites turn on the new feature, it should make it more difficult for hackers to compromise accounts, the company said.


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To enable the feature, users should head to their account settings and scroll down until they find a new option that reads “Require a verification code when I sign in.” If users turn on the option, they’ll receive a test text message and then they’ll be asked to reenter their Twitter password. Once they’ve done that, the next time they try to log in, they’ll be required to enter the new code that will be texted to their phone.

Two-step verification should give more protection to users, and if you’re a social media manager for your company, you should seriously consider turning the feature on. However, Twitter warned that users must still be cautious, even with the feature turned on.

“It’s still important for you to use a strong password and follow the rest of our advice for keeping your account secure,” Twitter said, linking to a help page.


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