Uber suspends operations in Nevada following legal setback

Uber suspended its operations in Nevada on Wednesday night after a Washoe County District Court issued a preliminary injunction preventing the ride-hailing company from operating in the state.

The court sided with the state over regulatory concerns, arguing that services like Uber should have to face the same stringent regulations that taxi cabs do, and that drivers should carry more extensive insurance policies.

“It’s unfortunate that Nevada is the first state in the Nation to temporarily suspend Uber - that means nearly 1000 jobs just disappeared overnight and those residents lost their ability to earn a living,” Uber spokesperson Eva Behrend said in a statement.

“We remain committed to working with Nevada’s leaders to create a permanent regulatory framework that affords Nevadans the flexibility and innovation offered by Uber.”


In a blog post written on its website, Uber said the service will be suspended in Nevada while the company “evaluate[s] a path forward.”

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