Unboxing the Holy Grail, a bulletproof smartphone screen [Video]

A gadget accessories' company began selling what it claims are the first bulletproof smartphone screen protectors Tuesday.

The protectors are called the Holy Grail and are made by Seattle company Sir Lancelot's Armor. They are made out of laminated tempered glass.


Video demonstrations of the Holy Grail show that while a gunshot will destroy the screen protectors, the product will protect the phone that is behind it.

Besides bullets, Sir Lancelot's Armor pitches the Holy Grail as a product that can protect mobile device screens from key damage, razor blades and light hammer strikes. Each screen protector includes a lifetime warranty.

"Worst-case scenario, instead of your device being broken, it's just our screen that's broken as a sacrificial layer," company founder John Cyr told The Times.  "And then, it's warrantied, so you can just send it in and get a new one."

Cyr said the product is an alternative to heavy duty smartphones cases that offer a lot of protection but are very bulky.

The company sells the Holy Grail screen protectors for popular smartphone and tablet devices, including the iPhone 5, 5s, iPad Air, various Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones and a few Google Nexus phones too.

The cheapest Holy Grail screen protector is the one for the black Nexus 4 and costs $27.99. The most expensive screen protector is the one for the iPad, which is available for $54.99, without shipping.

Besides offering durability, Cyr said users will also appreciate the Holy Grail screen protectors can be used multiple times without their adhesive wearing off. And when users place the screen protectors on their devices, they won't see any bubbles between the screen and the protector as they might with other products.

[For the Record 9:40 a.m. PDT March 20: An earlier version of this post, based on information provided by a representative of Sir Lancelot's Armor, reported the price of the Holy Grail screen protector for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s as $30.99 and stated that it was the least expensive Holy Grail screen protector. The price is $32.99 and the least expensive Holy Grail screen protector, for the black Nexus 4, costs $27.99.]