Vine to let users register for custom URLs on Monday

Vine users will be able to register for custom URLs on Monday, but verified Twitter users can register Friday at 9 a.m. PST.

Vine will begin letting users register for custom website URLs, like the ones they can already get on Twitter and Facebook, on Monday.

The benefit to custom URLs, which look like “,” is it lets users direct others toward their profiles with short and easy-to-remember links, rather than links with seemingly random numbers.

Users can head to on Monday to register for their custom, or vanity, URL. To do so, users will log in with the information for their Vine account. They’ll then be sent to a page where they can register for their profile URL.

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Verified users on Twitter, though, will be allowed to register for profiles early.
Twitter, which owns Vine, said verified Twitter users can begin registering Friday at 9 a.m. PST. Vine will automatically reserve custom URLs that mirror the handles of verified Twitter users, but those users must still register to lock down the URL. Verified Twitter users can also grab a custom URL that is different from their Twitter handle if they’d like.

“Once a profile URL is taken, it cannot be registered by someone else,” Twitter said.


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