YouTube founders take on Vine and Instagram with MixBit video app

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YouTube founders are back with a new video app, and they’re challenging Vine and Instagram.

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who created YouTube before selling it to Google, released a new video mobile app called MixBit on Thursday that lets users shoot video clips of up to 16 seconds in length.

Users can shoot multiple 16-second clips, or “bits,” and then string them together into a video that’s up to an hour long.


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MixBit is entering a busy market filled by Twitter’s Vine and Facebook’s Instagram video apps as well as others, but Hurley and Chen are betting on the app’s ability to connect multiple clips and edit the video.

Users can do this with their own bits or they are free to remix the clips uploaded by others, as long as the bits are posted publicly. According to the New York Times, the main goal of the app is to make new videos by remixing others’ clips, hence the name MixBit.

The app can be found now on the Apple App Store, and it will also launch “soon” for Android. Users can head to the MixBit website to see videos shot using the app.

For now, the main issue with the app is that users can only upload videos anonymously. That means users cannot take credit for the videos they posted because MixBit won’t associate them with any particular user.



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