Clues sought after American flag burns on Balboa Island


Newport Beach police are looking for the vandal or vandals who burned a large American flag at the Balboa Island bridge last weekend in Orange County, authorities said.

The incident apparently occurred late Saturday or early Sunday, said Jack Callahan, president of the Balboa Island Improvement Assn.

Newport Beach resident Stephanie Theard said she and her daughter were taking a walk from Bayside Drive onto the bridge toward Marine Avenue on Sunday morning when they noticed pieces of a burned flag stuck to the sidewalk and bridge railing.


“I didn’t know what to do. ... It was horrible, my stomach sank when I saw it,” Theard said. “I didn’t want people coming over to enjoy the island to see it, so I borrowed a broom and dustpan from the bike store near the bridge and cleaned it up.”

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Police Department at (949) 644-3681 or the Balboa Island Improvement Assn. at (949) 887-7756.

Susan Hoffman is a contributor to Times Community News.