Racist, sexist video allegedly filmed by UC Berkeley student prompts outrage on campus


A video clip posted on social media that shows a man described as a UC Berkeley student spewing racial slurs and questioning whether women or African Americans deserve rights has sparked outrage across the Bay Area campus and prompted an investigation from the school.

The video, which went viral on Twitter after it was shared widely on Friday, shows a man from the neck down sitting on what appears to be a dorm room bed rambling about his distaste for “black people.” The man also employs a slur commonly used against LGBTQ students in the clip, which has been viewed more than 3 million times and can be seen here. (Warning: Extremely offensive and profane content.)

“I don’t think they should have rights at all,” the man says, referring to African Americans. “They’re like women.”


In a statement, Berkeley officials said they were aware of the video and had launched a review.

“The campus is taking appropriate action in response to this video being posted on social media,” the statement read. “Due to federal laws and UC policy that protect student privacy, we do not discuss the situation of individual students.”

A Reddit user named “throwaway-berkeley,” who claimed to be behind the video, posted an apology, saying that the video was a joke gone wrong and that those involved had already confessed to their resident advisor.