Video: Furry porch pirate pilfers package from San Pedro pad

An unusual thief was caught on video swiping a mail package from a San Pedro doorstep Tuesday.


Although package theft isn’t uncommon during the holidays, a most unusual thief was caught on video Tuesday swiping an Amazon delivery outside a home in San Pedro.

The bushy-tailed bandit first scampered by the house near Western Avenue and Capitol Drive shortly after noon, likely scoping out an array of packages neatly propped near the front door.

The squirrel returned minutes later to finish the caper, grabbing the side of the white-and-blue envelope with its mouth and dragging it across the porch into some nearby bushes.


It’s not clear what the animal intended to do with its newly acquired loot, but it may have been squirreling it away for later use. Witnesses spotted the rodent on the run and thwarted its plans, returning the package to the owner.

The resident told reporters this might not have been the first time the squirrel purloined a package from his home. He said he frequently found his packages in bushes around the complex.