Police raid illegal gambling house in Santa Ana and take 6 into custody


Santa Ana police detained six people before dawn Thursday at a house that authorities said was being operated as an illegal gambling operation.

Police obtained a search warrant to enter the residence around 5 a.m. after receiving calls from homeowners in the area complaining that the 24/7 establishment had attracted various criminal activities, including prostitution and narcotics use, Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

None of those detained were residents of the house on South Rita Way, which authorities described as an illegal gambling house.

“We’re trying to figure out who the person is that is running or owning the establishment,” Bertagna said.

Police seized six gambling machines, $2,700 and methamphetamine from the property.

Bertagna said these types of establishments began popping up in strip malls about two years ago, then moved into industrial areas before appearing in residential spaces. Last week, Bertagna said, about 32 people were detained for similar activity at a small house in the area. The number of individuals present varies by the time of day, he said.


It’s unclear whether any of the six who were detained have connections with other establishments, police said.

At least one of the individuals who had an outstanding arrest warrant was booked into police custody, Bertagna said. The others may be released on a citation.