Huntington Beach police submit charges against minors allegedly involved in ‘Adrian’s Kickback’

Fireworks explode among people on a street.
Some of those who descended on Huntington Beach on May 22 blasted fireworks into crowds, jumped on police cars, scaled palm trees and flagpoles and leaped from the pier.

Huntington Beach police announced Friday they had submitted charges against 35 juveniles for their alleged role in “Adrian’s Kickback,” a May 22 beach gathering that was prompted by a post on TikTok and turned unruly.

More than 175 people were arrested over that weekend, most of them on Saturday night, when at least 2,500 people descended on the city’s beach for the event.

The partygoers eventually crossed from the beach onto Pacific Coast Highway and clashed with police on Main Street, some of them lighting fireworks, throwing objects and spray-painting storefronts. An unlawful assembly was declared in the downtown area at 7:13 p.m., and a curfew was put in place.


According to police and arrest logs, those arrested face charges including vandalism, failure to disperse, illegal use of fireworks and curfew violations.

The Huntington Beach Police Department said in a Facebook post Friday that more charges were expected to be submitted against both adults and juveniles and more arrests made as detectives continued to identify participants in the event.

“This is just the beginning,” the post read. “The takeaway — some of you should’ve just stayed home.”

Szabo writes for Times Community News.

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