Dozens break into Compton gas station in chaotic melee after street takeover nearby

An Arco gas station
A street takeover in Compton early Sunday was followed by a large mob breaking through the door of a gas station.

An estimated 100 people broke into a Compton gas station after a street takeover early Sunday morning, smashing open a door and grabbing merchandise off the shelves, authorities said.

A mob of people flooded into the Arco gas station about 2:30 a.m. near Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue, according to authorities and videos posted on local TV news stations and social media.

At least three street takeovers occurred overnight in the Compton area, including one at the intersection where the break-in occurred, said Sgt. Clarence Williams of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


Video footage shows a man in a black mask and hood using an object to smash through glass and open a door into the station. Then dozens of people — some wearing masks and others not — push into the store.

People can be seen grabbing snacks, drinks and other items in a chaotic frenzy. One person caught on video grabs multiple packs of condoms while smiling.

Williams said he had never seen a flash-mob-type break-in “to that level.”

By the time law enforcement arrived, the crowd was gone, according to Williams.

No arrests were made and no one in the video has been identified, he said.

Williams said street takeovers occur most weekends in the area. A large one was reported overnight near Long Beach Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue, in addition to the one near the gas station.

Tire marks from cars doing doughnuts scarred the intersection near the Arco, along with other damage, according to KTLA-5.

“They’re just about every weekend,” Williams said. “We’re doing our best we can to try to assist the citizens in dealing with this issue.”