Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down security line at San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport
The road in front of the international terminal sits empty at San Francisco International Airport on April 2, 2020. Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked off a security line at the airport Wednesday morning.
(Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Pro-Palestinian protesters calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war blocked off a security line at San Francisco International Airport on Wednesday morning.

More than two dozen protesters linked arms and blocked the entrance to the airport’s G gates, photos from the scene show. The protesters held a Palestinian flag with the words “Permanent Ceasefire” written on it.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that there were “as many as 200” protesters and that they were also blocking the A gates. Some protested outside the airport as well.


The airport continued operations.

“There is a protest in the International Terminal,” the airport said in a post on the social media site X. “The terminal remains open. Passengers are being re-routed around the activity.”

The airport also recommended that travelers get dropped off at the Kiss and Fly lot at the Rental Car Center and take the AirTrain as opposed to trying to arrive directly at the International Terminal curb.

“We do not want to be here. We are forced to be here because we have lost count of the petitions we’ve sent, the emails we’ve sent, of the meetings we’ve had with our congresspeople, of the days we’ve marched through the streets begging our government to hear the millions of voices for cease-fire,” said one protester, in a video shared by reporter Dena Takruri.