Disney-themed Snow White Cafe closes in Hollywood after nearly 80 years

Pedestrians walk dogs past the Snow White Cafe on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.
Pedestrians walk dogs past the Snow White Cafe on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles.
(Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg via Getty Images)
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A Disney-themed bar and restaurant in Hollywood that has been open for nearly 80 years appears to have fallen into a death-like sleep. Only this time, there may be no handsome prince coming to save it.

Snow White Cafe, at 6769 Hollywood Blvd., was first opened in 1946 by a friend of Walt Disney’s, whose artists painted murals of the movie’s characters on the walls, according to the restaurant’s website.

In a Sunday Facebook post by Vintage Los Angeles called “Goodbye Snow White,” a picture of what appears to be the restaurant’s interior shows the walls and flooring stripped and demolition debris strewn about. The celebrated “Snow White” murals are nowhere to be seen.


Calls to the phone number listed on the restaurant’s website went to a line that appears to have been disconnected. The restaurant’s Instagram page also appears to have been removed.

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Locals and tourists alike commented on the Facebook post, expressing their disappointment that the historic restaurant may be gone for good.

“Very sad,” one comment read. “Every time I was in that area I stopped in. The artwork, the mural, the history ... it survived for decades. And that’s amazing for Hollywood. I will miss it.”

The restaurant once included a mural of Snow White above the front door with the message: “We hope we have pleased you,” according to Discover Los Angeles. The walls also featured paintings of the film’s dwarfs, which were created by the film’s animators.

Snow White Cafe is the second iconic restaurant to close in Hollywood this year. This month, the Arby’s on Sunset Boulevard shut its doors after 55 years.