<b>Dave Handel:</b>
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Beyond the statistics

<b>Dave Handel:</b>
Dave Handel: “I have no regrets. I am living a good life.” Handel’s Shih Tzu, Abbey, is his daily companion and support. (Gideon Mendel)
<b>Daniel McLoud:</b>
Daniel McLoud: “I eat 22 pills a day, my meds cost $12,000 every year I’m also a two-time cancer survivor.” (Gideon Mendel)
Bamby Salcedo:
Bamby Salcedo: “HIV is my shadow,” says the manager for the transgender program at Bienestar, a grass-roots organization serving Latinos. (Gideon Mendel)
CHRONICLING DISEASE: Gideon Mendel, left, director of “HIV-Positive in Los Angeles: Twelve Stories,” sets up a portrait of Raymond Bowman. (Elizabeth Schwegler)