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Hi there! I’m Yvonne Villarreal, TV writer for The Times and “The Envelope” podcast co-host.

The series finale of “Insecure” marks the end of an era, and on this week’s episode, Issa Rae joined me to talk all about it.


We got to chat about alternate endings and heartfelt moments from the final episode — including Molly and Issa’s heart to heart. (I sobbed. A lot.) Rae also details her regrets about turning South L.A. into a Hollywood landmark, when she learned what not to share publicly and how the success of “Insecure” has changed her meetings with studio executives.

You can listen to the full conversation now wherever you get your podcasts or on, where you can also read the full transcript.

Issa Rae's HBO comedy, "Insecure," highlights underrepresented communities of Los Angeles like Leimert Park.
(Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times)

“I remember being a kid riding my bike through my neighborhood and being like, ‘I want to live here when I grow up. I want to come back.’ And to be able to do that is such a blessing, it blows my mind....And I wanted that for Issa Dee too. We both care about L.A. and our community so much that, to me, my happy ending is her happy ending. Or happy start, I should say.”

— — Issa Rae

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