Mandy Moore’s advice for the ‘This Is Us’ finale: Keep your ‘creature comforts’ handy

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Mandy Moore is already feeling sentimental about saying goodbye to her “This Is Us” character, Rebecca Pearson, and honestly, same here. It’s hard to believe that the beloved series is coming to an end after six seasons, but I take solace in the fact that I got to talk it all out with Moore.


In last night’s emotional episode, we got a glimpse of what’s to come as Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s disease progresses, but Moore confirmed that fans of the show would “feel like it is a very fitting way to tell the end of that story.”

In our interview, Moore reflects on that Pearson family conversation, drops some hints about what’s to come, and leaves some parting words for Rebecca. Plus, you know I had to take it back to Mandy’s pop star days for just a bit.

Mandy Moore

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“It was emotional knowing that the end is near in every way — for this woman, for our show, for us as friends and colleagues. So it was pretty easy and accessible to tap into the emotions of what Rebecca was dealing with.”

— — Mandy Moore on filming last night’s “This Is Us” episode

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