Yes, ‘Frozen 2’ has a post-credits scene. Here’s what you might not know

Elsa in 'Frozen 2'
Elsa makes a new friend in “Frozen 2.”

[Warning: This story contains some spoilers for “Frozen 2.” Continue with caution.]

One of the most difficult challenges at a movie theater is getting a 6-year-old to sit through all of the credits after the show ends — but the promise that a bonus scene will follow that long list of names (and production babies) helps.

In keeping with tradition, “Frozen 2" features a post-credits scene for those who stick around after watching Elsa and Anna’s newest magical, musical adventure. 2013’s “Frozen” also included a brief end-credits scene starring Elsa’s giant snow-monster Marshmallow, who was left to tend to the ice palace she made when she left Arendelle.

“Frozen” sisters Elsa and Anna return in a sweetly diverting sequel that feels more a triumph of packaging than storytelling.

Marshmallow is back again in the “Frozen 2" post-credits scene, this time joined by Elsa’s Snowgies, the cute little baby snow creatures introduced in the 2015 short “Frozen Fever.” The Snowgies popped into existence each time Elsa sneezed, unnoticed by the queen who was busy ignoring her cold while trying to make sure her younger sister was having the perfect birthday. Olaf, Kristoff and Sven were shown bringing the many mischievous mini-snowmen to Elsa’s former palace to live with Marshmallow at the end of that short.


The bonus “Frozen 2" scene is a call back to a comedic scene from earlier in the film involving Olaf’s storytelling skills as he recounted the events from the first movie. This time, Olaf is sharing the details of Elsa, Anna and the gang’s most recent adventure to Marshmallow and the Snowgies, who are basically his magical siblings.

Unlike post-credits scenes from other Disney fare, such as Marvel’s superhero movies, the “Frozen 2" scene doesn’t really hint at any potential future installments. But it’s still fun to see the various magical snow-beings from across the “Frozen” cinematic universe hanging out for story time.