Aaron Carter moves boldly ahead with a Medusa face tattoo

Aaron Carter's face before the new tattoo.
Aaron Carter in 2017, before getting a massive tattoo on the left side of his face.
(Alison Buck / Getty Images)

Pop singer Aaron Carter debuted a new face tattoo over the weekend on social media — and faced off against his haters after he posted photos.

The tattoo appears to be an image of Medusa, the monster from Greek mythology with the body of a woman, hair made of snakes and the power to turn anyone who looked at her into stone.

Flowing up the left side of Carter’s face, perched above a prior neck tattoo, the design comes up from his jawline and ends just above his temple.

Inked just under his left eye is the word “Love.”

“IM THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CANT BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME. #unstoppable ... #SilenceBreaker,” he wrote in the caption.


Carter said to one Twitter critic, “What’s wrong with you. Are you ok. Like honestly, let’s say I did have a mental illness and because I get a face tattoo on MY BODY. you want to tell me publicly to be sent to a mental institution? I’d out be out in five minutes and they’ve already tried. Many times. STOP.”

To one who said he would soon be “a prisoner with that face tattoo,” Carter replied, “Bruh. I’m a grown ass man. Pay off your house like I did. Lose everything like I did. Get it back like I did. Stay clean and sober like I’ve done. Take care of your mother like I did. And try again in 10,000 years.”

And to yet another, who said she made sure her tattoos were below her face, he said, “I’m me and you’re you. Chill.”

The new tattoo comes amid a turbulent past few weeks for Carter.

His brother, Nick Carter of the band Backstreet Boys, filed for a restraining order against Aaron Carter recently in Los Angeles County, followed days later by a matching request from Aaron’s twin sister Angel Carter, both of whom allege their brother is having a mental health crisis.

Aaron told The Times he “never said” the things his siblings say they are afraid of, and told TMZ that he’s working with a psychiatrist and tapering off Xanax. He said he has never had a formal mental health diagnosis.

On the music front, Carter is having a listening party on Wednesday in Los Angeles, where he promises an acoustic performance and dinner for $150 a head. And on Sunday he dropped a video that he produced and edited on his YouTube channel.

Last week, Carter told TMZ that he had sold his pistol and two rifles and had surrendered the rest of his gun collection to law enforcement temporarily, as is required when a person is the subject of a temporary restraining order.

Carter said in August that he was inheriting three generations’ worth of what he called “curio relic firearms” from his father’s side of the family.