Jason Derulo landed in the ER after his fitness ring got stuck on his finger, and documented it all

Jason Derulo wears a red and white jacket, a black shirt and black pants as he performs onstage
Jason Derulo shared the treacherous process he had to go through to remove a fitness ring from his finger.
(Tyler Kaufman / Associated Press)
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Jason Derulo had a hard time trying to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle a ring off his finger.

The “Savage Love” singer recently documented a scary incident he had when his Oura fitness ring wouldn’t budge from his hand. It got so bad that Derulo found himself seeking medical attention.

“This is so embarrassing,” Derulo said in an Instagram video that captured the entire incident as it unfolded while the singer was in Turkey. “Woke up, finger was swollen, it’s turning colors. I was like, damn. Trying to figure out how to take this damn ring off.”

As he recalled the timeline, the singer’s friend can be seen in the background laughing at the absurdity of the situation.


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Derulo then explained the different methods he used in attempting to take off the ring, which is designed to track the user’s physical activity, sleep and overall fitness levels.

“It just got swollen overnight. I tried to take it off with oil,” he said. “When I iced it, it came down a little bit.”

Thinking he had alleviated the problem a bit, the “Whatcha Say” artist hit the gym, but after getting his workout in he noticed that his “finger swelled up even more so.”

After an at-home medical team tried and failed to extract the ring by using several different methods, Derulo was advised to go the hospital where the band would be cut off.

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Though he was told it would only take “one or two minutes” to cut the titanium ring off, the 33-year-old singer noted the fitness tracker was “not off yet” after an hour.

As a result of a time-consuming struggle that involved oils and a tortuous-looking pair of clamps, Derulo’s finger was freed of its ovular prison.