Feedback: Hillary Clinton criticism of Bernie Sanders sharply divides readers

A scene from the documentary "Hillary," a new four-part series from Hulu.
A scene from the documentary “Hillary,” a new four-part series from Hulu.
(Sundance Institute)

Re: “Burn Hasn’t Healed” by Meredith Blake about Hulu’s upcoming Hillary Clinton documentary [Jan. 22]: That article brought back unpleasant memories.

In 2016 I was a volunteer for Hillary Clinton. The volunteers had a booth in Santa Monica. Two blocks away the Bernie Sanders volunteers also had a booth.

Some of the Bernie supporters came to our booth. They were very verbally abusive and angry about how Hillary had treated Bernie. I tried to reason with them, telling them that when this was all over we would both have to come to support the nominee. They wouldn’t listen; it was Bernie or nobody.

I think a lot of his supporters just didn’t vote and I am sure some of the extreme supporters may have voted for Trump. I hope this time around Bernie supporters will support the Democratic nominee, whoever that may be.

Let’s get rid of Donald Trump first then we can discuss policies and find common ground.

Joyce Jacoby
Los Angeles


Has Secretary Clinton considered the possibility that the “vile [online] attacks” against Pantsuit Nation and the “vitriolic assault on Kamala Harris, which came online” might have been the work of Russian trolls? Turning the Democratic candidate’s supporters against each other would certainly continue to help accomplish Putin’s goals. We can’t fall into that trap.

Her dismissal of Sen. Sanders as a “career politician” was, in addition to the “pot, meet kettle” aspect, not helpful. Being a politician is a real profession, something that takes practice. We’ve seen what it’s like now when someone starts their political career at the top — not pretty.

Secretary Clinton, thank you for your service. Now, would you please retire and go away?

Greg Taber


Hillary Clinton should just go away and stay away. She is toxic and divisive. For someone who claims to “suffer from a responsibility gene,” she sure is good at continually pointing her fingers at all the people and circumstances that resulted in her 2016 defeat — and the ensuing damage she caused by creating a path for Trump to become president.


She has much to answer for and she should start taking responsibility for her egocentric mistakes instead of blaming everyone and everything else. If she is not going to be part of the Democrat solution — and she obviously cannot do that — she should keep her mouth shut.

Maureen Whalen


Hillary is not alone in her assessment. I am also angry with Bernie’s lies. When he promised Americans they deserve “free healthcare just like Europeans” he was not truthful. I have family and friends in France and Sweden with wonderful healthcare but they pay triple our taxes for that “free stuff.”

Hillary was right. Nothing is free. Bernie’s major funding from the NRA his first 18 years as a congressman and then senator exacted his multiple votes for NRA proposals. His excuse was Vermont is a gun state. That must be why he insinuated Hillary did favors for Wall Street, since she was a senator from New York. He was so sure on the campaign trail but couldn’t state a single favor when asked during their debate. Hillary has principles. Bernie is all talk and excuses.

Marcy Bregman
Agoura Hills


It would have been wise for Hillary Clinton to keep her negative opinion about Bernie Sanders to herself. At a time when Democrats are struggling to regain the presidency and the majority in Congress, they will need all the support they can get to derail the reelection of President Trump.

Now is not the time for bickering among Democrats.

Bunny Landis


Hillary Clinton still doesn’t get it. Or she does get it but won’t admit it? Bernie Sanders was not the reason for her defeat. It was the rich, liberal elites and her wayward husband.

Hillary backed her husband in his impeachment trial and mocked the women he dallied with. Her effort to save her husband may have been an underlying cause for her defeat that neither she nor the media will address. It would seem that many American women expressed their disappointment in Hillary’s inability to get rid of her philandering husband by holding their noses and voting for Trump.

Mark Walker
Yorba Linda


How ironic to see Hillary Clinton resorting to the rhetoric of her archenemy Donald Trump. In excoriating Bernie Sanders in her recent interview, she might have said something befitting her position, like “I have serious reservations about Sen. Sanders’ ability to govern” or “As I made clear in 2016, I disagree strongly with the senator’s policies.” But no, now it’s Trumpspeak like “Nobody likes him,” which is patently false, or “It’s all such baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

Just what is that “it” that is dismissed here as baloney? The basic premise that the growing inequality between rich and poor is unacceptable? That every citizen should have healthcare? Clinton seems to have come round to the view that if you can’t beat Trump, join him.

Marjorie Perloff
Pacific Palisades


Why in the world would television critic Lorraine Ali write so positively about Hillary’s documentary [“Events of 2016 Sting to this Day,” Jan. 28]? It’s the most dishonest woman in history telling her story. Fortunately she wasn’t elected president, as she is the most corrupt and dishonest politician to ever run for that office. Why would you print this?

I know, it’s because you work for the fake news L.A. Times.

Daniel Markus
Marina del Rey

Thanks for the laughs, Terry

Regarding: “Terry Jones, 1942-2020: Monty Python Founder, Writer, Director” [Jan. 23]: Monty Python’s Terry Jones made me laugh in the face of death.

I will be forever grateful to Terry Jones and all the Pythons who taught me and my brother how to laugh again as we binge-watched their entire “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” TV shows shortly after the terribly painful death of our mother from lung cancer.

Donald Bentley
La Puente

‘Parasite’ reveals pervasive acts

Regarding film critic Justin Chang’s “Overlooked Great Acting” [Jan. 19]: “Parasite” is the sixth best picture nominee with a majority Asian cast to be ignored in the acting categories. Unbelievable, as several white actors have won Academy Awards for playing Asian characters.

Each historic win, like Awkafina’s Golden Globe and “Parasite’s” SAG Award, promises progress and visibility, but also reminds us of the historical exclusion of Asian and Asian American actors and stories. Generations of cultural teaching peddled by Hollywood reinforce a legacy of xenophobia and harmful stereotypes, evidenced in the still pervasive practices of whitewashing and yellowface.

Andrew L. Chang
San Francisco

This Grammys snub still smarts

Regarding television critic Lorraine Ali’s Grammys review, “Women Keep Fighting to be Seen” [Jan. 27]: Bob Dylan never won a single Grammy for best song or record during the 1960s or ’70s. This alone should discredit the Grammys beyond repair.

Instead we get another tiresome article about grievances and misconduct allegations from a single individual in the entertainment world that somehow is supposed to shed light on the rest of our lives.

Leave this scandal for human resources.

Stan Brown


Why is it appropriate for entertainers like Ariana Grande to perform a song that has to be bleeped and she and her backups are dressed like strippers and dance like strippers at 6:20 in the evening for children to see. Is this all she can do?

Women don’t want to be objectified and yet some continue to put themselves out as sexual objects and then wonder why they aren’t respected.

Carol Garris
Westlake Village

The trial of the century

Lorraine Ali is right that [“More Than Trump Is on Trial,” Jan. 24]. The mainstream media is on trial as well. A lot of Americans are so frustrated by the partisanship of the liberal press that they have tuned the proceedings out.

Ali may find the impeachment trial historical, but many Americans find the proceedings to be the hysterical ramblings of self-important safe-seat liberals. Since many folks don’t understand the minds of the liberal press or those who live in those rich liberal enclaves, they have returned to their preferred entertainment venues.

Maybe the media’s “Trump hysteria” over the past three years has dulled the public’s senses as to what is historical or just more overblown hyperbole.

Mark Walker
Yorba Linda

Missing a fine family comedy

Re: Robert Lloyd’s essay on Mary McCormack in “The Kids are Alright.” [“Performances We Love: So Much More Than Just ‘Alright’,” Jan. 19]: Not since “The Wonder Years” and “A Christmas Story” have I been thrown back to a wonderful time of life. The comedic talent of Mary McCormack, and the fantastic writing of this show will sorely be missed.

Who but we who are in the third third [of life] could appreciate the bringing home of the first microwave, which no one understood or trusted? Or putting store-brand condiments into name-brand bottles? All true and hilarious. What a shame to lose this show.

Beth Cowden
Rancho Palos Verdes

Look no further than the star

Regarding the review of “Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens"[“Bring on the Funny,” Jan. 22]: I was looking forward to seeing Awkwafina’s new show, so I was disappointed to read Lorraine Ali’s review that implied that her talents were being wasted. Too bad.

I guess the producers and writers missed a great opportunity. Oh, wait. Awkwafina is the producer and writer. Maybe Awkwafina is not “much cleverer than her new Comedy Central series lets her be.”

David Brant
Lake Arrowhead

Actors’ acceptance opinions

Regarding “Calendar Feedback: De Niro’s Speech” [Jan. 26]: A reader takes issue with Ricky Gervais’ comment while hosting the Golden Globes: “If you get an award tonight, just come up, accept it and don’t say a thing about the real world. You know nothing about the real world.”

Gervais is not telling us anything new. We figured that out after Reagan and Schwarzenegger.

Paula Del
Los Angeles


One angry letter writer calls himself offended by awards shows that feature “inane, uninformed, uneducated, narcissistic opinions” of these historically illiterate, pampered, overpaid so-called celebrities.

Trump is one such celebrity. So was Reagan.

I surmise it’s OK to run for office and become president if you’re a celebrity, but just don’t comment on one.

Judy Pang
Palos Verdes Estates

Don’t blame Netflix

Regarding “Calendar Feedback: The Decline of Moviegoing” [Jan. 26]: I’d like to add to another letter writer’s comments regarding the demise of cinemas.

How about the freezing temperatures in the theaters, $9 popcorn, ear-piercing trailer volume and the latest and most annoying, requiring seat selection (even in empty theaters) for absolutely no reason resulting in long lines and irritable customers?

Theater owners: Stop blaming Netflix and start thinking about how to make the cinema experience comfortable, efficient and affordable like it used to be.

Jill Watkins
Laguna Beach