Dax Shepard coaches his girls to keep mom Kristen Bell’s job on the down-low

Dax Shepard.
Dax Shepard wants his kids to stay kids as long as possible — even if they have to fib a little.
(Willy Sanjuan / Associated Press)

Dax Shepard has given his daughters some advice: Keep your mom’s secret superhero identity on the down-low.

The girls’ mom, of course, is “Frozen” voice star Kristen Bell, heroine of the Disney-addicted young masses.

Shepard, talking with fellow dad Justin Timberlake in the most recent episode of Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, said he counseled his daughters — Delta, 6, and Lincoln, 7 — to keep their mouths shut about Mommy.

“My little girls did this ‘Frozen’ play ... and I had to tell my daughter, ‘You cannot tell anyone in this thing that your mom is Princess Anna,’” Shepard said. “‘I know you’re proud and you should be able to say that, but I’m just warning you it’ll probably make other kids jealous and they won’t know how to handle that feeling.’”

The “Parenthood” actor bonded with Timberlake over trying to protect their offspring from potholes that are invisible to little kids.


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“We have the same thing where the kids at school, with my 5-year-old, are like, ‘Your dad is Branch, from “Trolls,”’” said the singer, who has two boys with wife Jessica Biel. “I guess for guys like us, the hope is that we just keep instilling in them that we’ve got really fun jobs, but it’s not who we are.”

Timberlake said he and Biel take pains to make sure their kids — Silas, 5, and Phineas, 7 months — will stay kids as long as possible, without the family having to live a “weirdly private” life. He doesn’t want other people treating his boys differently because of what their parents do for a living, he said.

Shepard agreed wholeheartedly.

“I have great fear that kids are going to hang out with them solely ’cause of that, or resent them because of that,” the actor said. “To me, the two options both seem terrible. Either they’re going to have fake friends, or they’re going to have people who hate them for no reason. Yeah, so I have a good deal of fear about that.”

And a little white lie never hurt anyone.

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