A complete list of all the things you can eat at Frieze in Beverly Hills

A photo of a cocktail with a piece of cherimoya fruit wedged on the rim.
A cherimoya margarita in the Maestro Dobel tequila booth at Frieze.
(Carolina A. Miranda / Los Angeles times)

Things you can eat at Frieze LA this year

- Your heart out.

- Your words.

- Crow.

- Humble pie.

- Your fear.

- Which, in turn, will eat your soul.

- The garnish on your cherimoya margarita in the Maestro Dobel tequila booth.

Things you can’t eat at Frieze LA this year


Seriously, stuff some sandwiches into your Yeezy Gap Round Jacket, because there is not a lick of food to be had anywhere on the various acres that compose the fair site. Gone are the stands that dispense stale, pricey muffins and exorbitant Cokes — which at least offer sustenance. On its website’s FAQ page, Frieze lists two food options: Restaurants inside the hotel itself, Circa 55 and Sant’olina. But you’ll need reservations. (Good luck with that!)

Thinking of venturing out for food? No prob, if you’re a VIP with an all-access pass. But it’s wildly unclear if general admission ticket holders are allowed to re-enter the site after leaving.

Sadly, Beverly Hills is too cruel a mistress to allow bacon dog vendors around the perimeter of the fair.


And, to put it mildly, the perimeter is rather dire:

A street view shows a pedestrian path between plastic k-rails and a construction fence.
The entrance to Frieze at the Beverly Hilton is ... not exactly bucolic.
(Carolina A. Miranda / Los Angeles Times)

Next year, I would advise that Frieze take a page from Art Los Angeles Contemporary, which in 2019 had a Moon Juice stand on-site dispensing activated maca mesquite walnuts. I can make a desperate meal out of that.

A celebratory vibe and eagerness marked Frieze opening day, back in full swing for the first time since spring 2020.

Feb. 17, 2022