Weeks after Selma Blair gets restraining order against ex, he gets one against her

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Selma Blair was granted a temporary restraining order against ex-boyfriend Ronald Carlson.
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After Selma Blair was granted a temporary restraining order last month against ex-boyfriend Ronald Carlson, Carlson on Wednesday was granted a temporary restraining order against Blair. The orders spring from an alleged physical altercation on Feb. 22.

For the record:

10:33 a.m. March 11, 2022A previous version of this story said Selma Blair and Ronald Carlson got temporary restraining orders against each other on Wednesday and Thursday. In fact, Blair’s against Carlson was put in place Feb. 25, after an alleged Feb. 22 incident, while Carlson’s against Blair was put in place Wednesday.

The “Anger Management” TV actress said in a Feb. 25 filing with L.A. County Superior Court that that was the only time Carlson had allegedly attacked her. But it was serious enough for LAPD officers to seek a five-day emergency protective order to allow Blair time to file for a temporary restraining order. Before the emergency order ran out, a temporary restraining order was put in place.

In her filing, Blair says Carlson came to return a television and her key after she had completed an in-home intravenous medical treatment for her multiple sclerosis. He asked for his spare housekey back, according to the document, then became enraged and attacked her while she was resting on the couch.


Blair alleged in the document that Carlson jumped on her, choked her, shook her, held her by both arms and knocked her head on the floor, then slapped her in the face, causing her nose to bleed. She remembered putting her hand on his face and sticking him in his eyes or mouth, according to the document. He allegedly covered her mouth and face, pushing her down into the couch after she screamed for her housekeeper.

While promoting her forthcoming documentary about her journey with multiple sclerosis, Selma Blair discussed living in remission from the disease.

Aug. 16, 2021

When Blair finally stood up, the document said, Carlson allegedly said, “I will f— kill you” and other similar statements multiple times. He then fled, the filing says.

Blair’s housekeeper came downstairs soon after, according to the document, and took pictures of the performer after hearing her story. Police were called. The photos were included in Blair’s filing, as well as a photo showing her nose bleeding heavily later that day.

Carlson was arrested around 11 p.m. Feb. 22 and spent the night in jail before posting $50,000 bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned June 22 on felony domestic violence charges.

More than two weeks after the alleged incident, Carlson requested his own temporary restraining order. In his filing, he blamed Blair, saying she was upset that he wanted to break up with her. The two had dated on and off for the last seven years.

“I defended myself against Selma’s attack, but I did not intentionally strike her or cause her any harm,” he said in his application, also filed with the Superior Court.


Representatives for Blair and Carlson had no additional comment.

Carlson said Blair became upset and agitated when he wouldn’t sit closer to her on the couch. He alleged in his filing that she proceeded to call his daughter a “f— loser,” then swung at his face, striking him in the left eye.

Blair attacked him with both arms, hitting and scratching him, the filing alleged. Carlson admitted grabbing both of her arms, but he said it was to prevent further hitting. He described releasing her arms and said he walked toward the front door and out of the house, only to have the gardener tell him he was bleeding.

Carlson said in his filing that he was in Blair’s home for about 10 minutes and that he didn’t contact her further that day. At 11 p.m., the document says, he was awakened by police officers knocking at his door. His daughter awakened while they were there arresting him, and he was “mortified” that she saw him being arrested, the filing said.

Actress Selma Blair shared in an emotional Instagram post that she was “feeling alone and vulnerable and scared” as she fought multiple sclerosis.

Feb. 11, 2020

He included photos of scratches on his face and said, “My face was sore for a few days, as I estimate I was struck at least 5 times.”

Carlson accused Blair of taking Adderall and another drug to control mood swings and said she consumes cannabis. He also said in his filing that Blair had attempted to manipulate his daughter via text message and had contacted his ex-wife and his manager.

A hearing on whether to make the temporary orders permanent is scheduled for March 22.