Readers bid goodbye to MTV News and welcome changes to our comics pages

Bill Clinton with Tabitha Soren
Then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton and Tabitha Soren at MTV’s “Rock the Vote.”
(L. Cohen / WireImage via Getty Images)

The voice of a generation

The picture of Bill Clinton and Tabitha Soren that went with Meg James’ article [“MTV News shuts down,” May 11] brought back a great memory I have of that era.

Soren asked Bill Clinton who his greatest influence was. He replied, “Thelonius Monk.” She turned to someone in her entourage and asked, “who is the loneliest Monk?”

Paul Zimmelman
Marina Del Rey

About those changes to the comics pages

Regarding “Comics changes” [May 15]: Bravo!


Thank goodness there was no “Reply All Lite” in today’s paper. I’m amused that a comic can be annoying and not at all funny or enlightening.

Sandee Raven
Los Angeles


As a comics page devotee, I thank you for removing that horrible panel and replacing it with the hilarious “Free Range” by Bill Whitehead.

The two comics pages are now perfect.

Jerry Beck


The comic “Reply All Lite” is missing in action. I hope this is just a mistake, as I’ve really grown to like this particular comic.

Matthew Polder


For the past few years I have spent a part of each day wondering whether I have become so disconnected from the current culture that I just don’t know what constitutes humor anymore, or if it’s just that The Times chose to run terribly unfunny comic strips.

Today, when I saw that “Half Full” and “Reply All Lite” had been replaced, the world once again made sense.

There are still a few strips that could be binned, but at least they hit a humorous note every once in awhile — the two departing strips accomplished that feat once in every thousand tries, if that.


Jonathan Hebbard
Costa Mesa


I was sorry to see that “Reply All Lite” was being replaced in the comics section. I really got a kick out of it.

And I’ll miss Maria Scrivan (“Half Full”). I don’t know what “has ended” means exactly, but I hope it was her decision.

I’m finally starting to enjoy the “Macanudo” take on life. That was a tough connection but worth the effort.

How “Six Chix” manages to retain space is beyond me, and I’m a comics reader from birth.

Janet Ashley
San Pedro

A self-fulfilling prophecy

Regarding “CNN ratings win, but at a cost” [May 12]: Trump railed against CNN for years saying “It’s fake news.”

And, now, it is.

D.H. Sloan
Los Angeles