Mick Jagger turns 80! Keith Richards wishes him happy birthday: ‘Long may we keep saying this’

Mick Jagger, drummer Steve Jordan and guitarist Keith Richards perform onstage
Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger got an upbeat 80th birthday message Wednesday from guitarist Keith Richards, right.
(Amy Harris / Invision / Associated Press)
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Happy 80th birthday to Mick Jagger, a man of wealth and taste.

The frontman of one of the most iconic and influential rock ‘n’ roll bands ever passed the eight-decade mark on Wednesday and is still the incarnation of a prediction he made years ago.

During an August 1972 appearance on “The Dick Cavett Show,” the host asked a then-29-year-old Jagger if he could picture himself at the age of 60, performing the way he performed as a young man, and Jagger was quick to reply, “Yeah, easily, yeah.”

Cavett quipped, “Really? Going onstage with a cane and moving the way you do?”

“There’s a lot of people that do it at 60,” Jagger replied. “They seem to still get their rocks off at it.”

A young Mick Jagger and Keith Richards share a microphone
A young Mick Jagger, left, and Keith Richards.
(© Jim Marshall Photography)

Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Lenny Kravitz and other legends celebrated Jagger’s new octogenarian status as an with online tributes pouring in.

Richards posted a video of himself playing the piano and wishing his “Glimmer Twin” a happy 80th. “Long may we keep saying this to each other, Happy birthday Mick, have another good-one and give me a call and let me know what it’s like,” Richards jokes in his video. The two are just months apart in age, and Richards will turn 80 this December.

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Stones guitarist Wood also shared a few photos of himself and Jagger through the years with the caption, “Happy 80th birthday.”

Lenny Kravitz shared a photo of the two on social media with the caption, “Happy 80th birthday to the one and only [Mick Jagger.] You’re only getting younger. Love and respect brother.”

Jagger, feeling the birthday love, posted a shot of himself wearing a satin maroon suit taken by photographer Mark Seliger with a caption that read: “Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and birthday wishes!”

Mick Jagger is now a great-grandfather — albeit a really cool one who’s about to go back on tour with the Rolling Stones.

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The final Rolling Stones album with contributions from original drummer Charlie Watts, who died in 2021 at age 80, will be released later this year, the band’s first new music in 18 years.


There’s naturally been a ton of buzz over who might appear on the forthcoming album — former Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are reported to be contributors. Richards teased the new album in an Instagram video early this year saying, “There’s some new music on its way, and hopefully it’ll get to see you, anyway let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

A black-and-white image of a young Charlie Watts, left, and Mick Jagger
Charlie Watts and Mick Jagger take time out during the Rolling Stones’ Tour of the Americas in 1975.
(Christopher Simon Sykes / Getty Images)