How do you watch TV? L.A. folks share their streaming habits


This story is part of a Times series on the great streaming wars of 2019. Click here to read the rest of our coverage of Disney +, Apple TV +, HBOMax and more.

When Disney launches its own subscription service in November, streaming emperor Netflix faces a possible existential foe. Others, including HBO Max, Apple TV+ and Quibi, are also slated to join the profusion of streaming services. As the Streaming Wars loom and major media outlets clamor for attention, viewers will have to brace themselves for more options — and possibly new watching customs.

The Los Angeles Times trekked to downtown L.A.’s Grand Central Market on Thursday to ask people about their streaming habits. We asked them about the number of services they subscribed to, whether they preferred to binge a show or watch it week to week, and if they had their own streaming accounts or used another person‘s.

See the video above for what they said.