Jimmy Fallon as Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic proves ‘Tiger King’ can get wackier

Jimmy Fallon impersonates Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic on "The Tonight Show."
(NBC / YouTube)

Ever wanted to see Jimmy Fallon impersonate Nicolas Cage as the “Tiger King?” Not really? Well, you can anyway.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition,” Fallon did his best impersonation of Cage as Joe Exotic, the star of Netflix’s wacky hit series “Tiger King.” Cage was recently cast as Exotic in a forthcoming limited series from CBS Television Studios and Imagine Television Studios.

“Everyone on the internet is all freaking out about it and is all excited about it, and we are so excited about it too, only because we got sneak footage, a sneak peek at ‘Tiger King’ starring Nicolas Cage,” Fallon quipped. “So here, for the first time ever, is footage of Nicolas Cage as Tiger King.”

In the clip, Fallon walks into the scene, cane in hand, donning a blond mullet, green-tinted sunglasses and a blue, cheetah-print button-down shirt.



“Hello, my name is Joe Exotic, and welcome to the G.W. Zoo,” Fallon says enthusiastically from this home, where he’s in quarantine with his family (like the rest of late-night TV).

“My pets are the same as your pets, except mine have 3-inch teeth! And weigh 400 pounds,” he yells, channeling Cage’s distinctive delivery and gestures. “Does any grandma or child want to take a picture with this baby tiger?!”

Later in the sketch, Fallon takes a phone call outside from a police official: “Thank you, officer. Thank you for letting me know that I’m not supposed to murder a woman in Florida!” he screams into the phone. “How was I supposed to know?!”


After a wardrobe change and more “Tiger King” jokes, the former “Saturday Night Live” star busts out a guitar and impersonates one of Exotic’s country music jams.

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