Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon make telling them apart even harder


Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon did everyone a public service by coming together to help people tell them apart. Except the two late-night hosts, whose shows run on rival networks, apparently had way more in common than they thought and just made matters worse.

As the Hollywood-set “Jimmy Kimmel Live” took up residence in Brooklyn this week, the ABC host invited his NBC counterpart over to clear things up once and for all. The two even wore coordinating sweatshirts designating their identities during the very silly, much-belated “Know Your Jimmys” segment.

“We understand why people get us confused,” Fallon, “The Tonight Show” host, began. “The names. We both wear suits. Both have shows.”


“We both have dark hair,” Kimmel interjected. “We’re both white guys, which is not as exciting as it used to be.”

The commonalities kept on coming, including Brooklyn being their shared birthplace, their love of the exact same breakfast cereals, wearing pizza-themed underpants and being bad at high-fiving. Even Kimmel’s nemesis Matt Damon was a shared frenemy.

“We’re like the same person,” Kimmel concluded.

And with that, a budding career as a comedy duo was realized.