Dan Levy is a ‘niche’ amuse-bouche ahead of People’s Sexiest Man Alive reveal

Dan Levy
Actor Dan Levy has tried “many forms of self-medication” during the pandemic, including baking, home bartending and Peloton.
(Elena Doukas)

Forget Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dan Levy is what sexy looks like in the Year of Our Quarantine, 2020.

Since spring, the “Schitt’s Creek” star has been locked down like the rest of us. But on Tuesday he was revealed as a sort of amuse-bouche to the main course that is People’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel will announce the main hunk’s name during his show Tuesday night.

Levy has taken the same arc as many of us who are holed up at home, starting with baking breads and cookies. Unfortunately, they “weren’t quite as good” as friends and recipes had promised, he told the magazine, so the kitchen was abandoned. That money was better spent having someone else do the work, he decided.


The Canadian actor deemed himself “too short-tempered” for puzzles. He bought a Peloton bike, which he has long since abandoned. All in the name of “self-medication.”

Anthony Fauci has made expert the new sexy, but why do we need to make expert anything but what it is?

But Levy found his groove with home bartending.

“I have been trying to perfect a Cosmopolitan,” the 37-year-old told People, noting he’s also done Negronis and Manhattans. “It’s my favorite cocktail. ‘Sex and the City’ aside, it’s a very refreshing beverage.”

He’s been trying to get it just right, he said, but on the rocks in a tumbler, not straight up in a martini glass.

If that’s not sexy, we don’t know what is.

And, of course, Levy has been binge-watching TV. He started out with semi-respectable shows, he said, but it all went downhill as the months rolled on.

“I was watching ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ I was watching ‘Below Deck Mediterranean,’” Levy said. “We were really into sophisticated fare at first and now it’s people throwing drinks at each other on a yacht.”

Bravo! Get those Cosmos ready!

“This form of sexy is a niche market,” Levy joked to People.

Long live the chartthrob! MSNBC’s map guru, Steve Kornacki, drove sales of Gap khakis through the roof after he wore them during election coverage.

The celebrity magazine started bestowing the “sexiest man alive” honor in 1985, when it went to Mel Gibson, then 29.

The title has gone twice to Brad Pitt (1995, 2000), Johnny Depp (2003, 2009), Richard Gere (1993, 1999) and George Clooney (1997, 2006). More recently, John Legend, Idris Elba, Blake Shelton, Dwayne Johnson and David Beckham have worn the badge of honor.