MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki is charming the pants onto people: Gap khakis, that is

Turns out that “chartthrob” status is good for business — good for the Gap’s business, anyway.

The clothing chain has confirmed a surge in sales of its standard khaki pants after it was revealed that MSNBC’s map guru, Steve Kornacki, wore them on election day and beyond.

“We saw a dramatic increase in online traffic and within a day, the number of Straight Fit Palomino Brown khakis we sold online went up 90%,” a Gap spokesperson said Thursday.

The pants in question sell for about 60 bucks, though in our current pandemic shopping environment, there are myriad discounts to be had. (This is what it means to shop like a journalist: Never. Pay. Retail.)

We pay tribute to the media figures we’ve relied on during a strange, tense week in American politics, from podcasters to local newspaper reporters.


“Forget grabbing sleep, there’s still votes coming in in PA,” Kornacki tweeted a week ago, days before the presidential election was called for former Vice President Joe Biden. “I’m heading back to the studio. In the old days, there was USA Up All Night. Tonight, it’ll be MSNBC Up All Night. Come on along for the ride.”

That was the same day Los Angeles Times TV editor Matt Brennan coined the term “chartthrob” for the likes of Kornacki, CNN’s John King and other map-manipulating journos who became the unofficial mascots of election week.

And in case you were looking for any other Big-Time Journalist Fashion Tips, Kornacki revealed another style secret Wednesday on Twitter. It was ... staples.

As in, staples to hold his tie together. Alas, it’s a technique with a limited lifespan.