‘SNL’ tackles Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation, Will Smith punishment

A woman wearing a black blazer stands next to a woman wearing black robes on a set designed to resemble the Oval Office
Ego Nwodim as Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, left, and Kate McKinnon as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on “Saturday Night Live.”
(Will Heath / NBC)

“Saturday Night Live” quickly adjusted its script this week to account for the latest development in the Will Smith saga, as well as the historic confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

This weekend’s installment of the sketch comedy series was hosted by actor Jake Gyllenhaal with musical guest Camila Cabello. During his monologue, the “Ambulance” star reflected on the last time he headlined “SNL” 15 years ago.

“The last time I hosted was the year 2007,” Gyllenhaal told the studio audience. “That was like 400 Marvel movies ago. To give you an idea of what it was like in 2007 ... there was a George W. Bush sketch. There were jokes about the first iPhone.


“And this is a photo from me from my monologue: There I am, in full drag, singing a song from ‘Dream Girls’ to promote a movie where I played a gay cowboy. That was actually the least problematic thing in that episode.”

At the end of his stand-up routine, the Oscar nominee was joined by “SNL” cast members Chloe Fineman, Ego Nwodim and Cecily Strong for a passionate parody of the Céline Dion classic “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.”

“When you see me like this / And I host you like that / I just have to admit that it’s all coming back to me now,” Gyllenhaal sang to the tune of the power ballad. “There were sketches I would never do again / But then they always seemed right.”

See more highlights from Saturday’s episode below. (Warning: Some of the videos below contain profanity.)

Ghosts of Supreme Courts past visit Jackson during cold open


In the cold open, Nwodim played the newest Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, who on Thursday became the first Black woman named to the high court.

“I made a campaign promise to put a Black woman on the court, and I did,” said President Joe Biden (James Austin Johnson). “So that’s one campaign promise down and only 74 to go.”

“Well, I was happy to do my part: work twice as hard as a white man my entire life and then spend a week listening to Ted Cruz call me a pedophile,” Nwodim’s Jackson replied.

Throughout the sketch, Jackson was visited by the ghosts of other trailblazing American figures, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Kate McKinnon), Thurgood Marshall (Kenan Thompson), Harriet Tubman (Punkie Johnson) and Jackie Robinson (Chris Redd).

‘Weekend Update’ roasts academy for Will Smith punishment

A day before “SNL” aired, the film academy banned Will Smith from attending the Oscars for 10 years as punishment for slapping Chris Rock during this year’s ceremony.


“But is that a punishment?” Colin Jost quipped during the “Weekend Update” segment.

“He can still be nominated and even win an award. He can even go to the afterparty. He just doesn’t have to attend the four-hour ceremony where someone is definitely going to make fun of his wife again.”

After a beat, Jost presented an alternative form of punishment informed by his experience emceeing the 2018 Emmy Awards opposite his “Weekend Update” co-anchor Michael Che.

“Honestly, I think a real punishment would be to make Will Smith host next year’s Oscars,” he said. “Because trust me, nothing will make you question your choices in life more than hosting an award show.”

Willow Smith joins Cabello for ‘Psychofreak’

After Jost roasted the academy for banishing her father from the Oscars, Willow Smith made a surprise appearance on “SNL” to perform “Psychofreak” with Cabello.

Their “SNL” duet marked the first time the pop musicians performed the song live since releasing the collab on Friday.


New Kenan Thompson game show is Instagram users’ worst nightmare

At this point, the official motto of “SNL” should be: When in doubt, just have Kenan Thompson host an absurd game show.

For his latest turn as a cruelly jolly game show host, Thompson forced contestants Beth (Fineman), Kenny (Redd) and Brad (Gyllenhaal) to explain why they “liked” certain photos on Instagram.

Up first was Brad, who recently liked a photo of a woman wearing a bikini and holding a puppy. After the buzzer rejected “She’s my friend,” “I like her dog” and “I thought she was attractive” as acceptable answers, Brad had no choice but to reveal the real reason he “double-tapped” the picture.

“I guess some part of me thought that if I liked it, she would see that I liked it, and then she would follow me back, and then we DM, and then maybe at some point — I don’t know — she’d want to have sex with me.”

Ding, ding, ding.

Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang make ‘Weekend Update’ trendy


Here to spice up Saturday’s “Weekend Update” segment were cast members Bowen Yang and Aidy Bryant, who schooled Che on the latest pop-culture trends with melodramatic flair.

“Our first category is workout trends,” Yang and Bryant said.

“In: Not wiping down the equipment. In: Hurting your back. ... Out: Jogging to Kelly Clarkson. ... She has a talk show now, so she doesn’t have time to motivate your juicy a—. You had your chance, you blew it.”