Kim Cattrall agreed to ‘And Just Like That’ gig if Max pulled off this ‘SATC’ reunion

Kim Cattrall seated, wearing a lavender suit
Kim Cattrall shared more details about her upcoming “And Just Like That” cameo as Samantha Jones during Wednesday’s episode of “The View.”
(Chris Pizzello / Invision/Associated Press)

Kim Cattrall‘s upcoming “And Just Like That” cameo may be short-lived, but at least it will be fabulous.

A month after Cattrall confirmed that she will return to the world of “Sex and the City,” she appeared Wednesday on “The View” to share more details about why she finally said yes to the Max reboot. Cattrall, who was promoting her new Netflix workplace comedy “Glamorous,” told “The View” hosts that she agreed to “And Just Like That” if she could reunite with veteran stylist Patricia Field.

“She knows my body really well. We spend a lot of time together — me clothed and unclothed,” Cattrall said. “And she knows what’s right for the characters.”


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May 31, 2023

Field served as a costume designer on a variety of fashion-centric shows and movies, including ABC’s “Ugly Betty” and “The Devil Wears Prada.” She was a longtime designer for “Sex and the City” and its spinoff films.

Cattrall said: “ She really changed how all of us really dress.”

When the “Sex and the City” reboot premiered on the now-defunct HBO Max in December 2021, fans were confused as to why Cattrall did not reprise her role alongside co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. The reboot premiered after years of rumored feuds between Cattrall and her fellow “SATC” creatives.

In February 2022, “And Just Like That” executive producer and co-creator Michael Patrick King told Variety there was “no thought” that Cattrall would reprise her role. In Season 1, Cattrall’s Samantha and Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw were feuding over a business arrangement, explaining the former’s absence.

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Feb. 2, 2022

Now, Cattrall will appear in the series — for one scene only. The actor filmed her cameo without speaking to her co-stars or showrunner King, Variety reported.

“It’s very interesting to get a call from the head of HBO saying, ‘What can we do?’ And I went, ‘Hmmm ... let me get creative,” the “About My Father” actor said Wednesday.

She addd: “One of those things was to get Pat Field back. I just thought that if I’m gonna come back, I gotta come back with that kind of Samantha style. I gotta push it and we did.”


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June 22, 2023

During her time on “Sex and the City,” Cattrall wore a variety of sleek ensembles in bold colors and many fabulous coats and jackets that helped “Sex and the City” become the blueprint for fashion “it” girls.

“I just love her to death,” Cattrall said of Field, before plugging the stylist’s documentary, “Happy Clothes.”

Cattrall concluded her time Wednesday on “The View” by speaking about how she’s become more selective about the work she takes on.

“At this point of my life especially, where I want to spend the time, with whom, is very important to me,” she said. “I’ve learned through the years to sort of take a step back and see myself doing something and really register how that feels.”

Season 2 of “And Just Like That” is now streaming on Max.