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Claremont Museum of Art finds permanent home in historic train depot

Proposed Claremont Museum of Art

The historic Claremont Depot will become the permanent home for the Claremont Museum of Art.

(J Bohn Associates Architecture / Claremont Museum of Art)

After five years operating as a “museum without walls,” the Claremont Museum of Art has found a home in the historic Claremont Depot.

The Claremont Museum of Art asked to take over the depot lease last summer, and the Claremont City Council voted unanimously Dec. 9 to grant occupancy. The Mission-revival style building, located in the center of Claremont Village, was built in 1927. Despite being partially restored in 1990, it has remained largely unoccupied.

The museum plans to use the building to showcase the work of Claremont-area artists past and present. Having a permanent home will be a boon for the small museum, which was incorporated in 2004 and was in the historic Claremont Packing House for two years.

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Since 2010 the museum has staged exhibitions in a variety of locations. “Millard Sheets: Hills and Houses” is currently on display at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

With nearly 300 members, the volunteer organization has plans to dig its collection out of storage and expand its presence in Claremont, a college town that has sustained an artists community since the 1940s.

Future renovations will be funded by a state grant. The museum intends to make enhancements including interior-finish upgrades and humidity control for the artwork. The goal is to open an initial gallery by April and the remainder of the museum in 2017.


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