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Obama to nominate Diane Rodriguez to National Council on the Arts

Diane Rodriguez
Diane Rodriguez, center, will be nominated by President Obama to the National Council on the Arts. Rodriguez is shown with director Dudley Saunders, left, and actor Leo Marks in Los Angeles in 2006.
(Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times)

President Obama has chosen a noted Los Angeles theater leader to join the National Council on the Arts in Washington. 

Diane Rodriguez, who has worked at L.A.'s Center Theatre Group as a producer and director, is expected to be nominated by the president to the council whose purpose is to advise the chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts on matters of policies and programs.

The White House made the announcement last week, along with nominees for several other posts in various fields.

Rodriguez serves as associate artistic director at CTG and has worked at the theater company since 1995. Her previous roles at CTG include associate producer and director of new play development, as well as director and resident artist of the Latino Theatre Initiative.


In addition to her role at CTG, Rodriguez serves as the board president of Theatre Communications Group in New York. She has also worked with smaller theater companies around L.A. and is an award-winning stage actress. 

The National Council on the Arts is led by Jane Chu, who is the chairwoman of the NEA. The council, which is comprised of artists and arts leaders from around the country, advises on matters of funding applications, budget allocation and various initiatives.

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