‘Peter Pan Live!’ meets @CharlesMcNulty live!

Los Angeles Times Theater Critic

NBC deserves points for bravery. After the social media drubbing the network received for the fiasco known as "The Sound of Music," it presented "Peter Pan Live!" on Thursday night. What's good for the business plan (a huge audience unable to fast-forward through commercials for three precious hours) may not be good for the American musical, but it's important for a critic to keep an open mind.

What follows is my uncensored (and, more harrowing, unedited) response to the telecast, written as a series of tweets and compiled for your reading ease. (No, this won't be included in my collected essays on the theater.) If you wish to chide me for my behavior, please do so @charlesmcnulty. I want you to know that I'm really a very nice person when not compelled to watch quasi nostalgic family entertainment.