Nyle DiMarco drops ASL version of Ariana Grande’s ‘7 Rings’ hit


Instead of women and pink hues from Ariana Grande’s No. 1 single “7 Rings,” think men and blue tones and sign language.

Nyle DiMarco, a model and activist for the hard of hearing, released his own version of Grande’s hit in American Sign Language on Monday. And the pop star was quick to notice, tweeting back to DiMarco: “love this so much.”

Directed by Jake Wilson, the blue-toned music video features Grande’s original vocals and stars DiMarco, occasionally clad in a shiny mesh shirt and other times decked out in chains and a backward baseball hat. His posse dances and interprets the song in sign language alongside him. (Video contains graphic language.)


In November, following Grande’s debut of “thank u, next,” DiMarco reached out to the pop star via Twitter requesting that she add closed captioning for the “466 million people with hearing loss,” adding, “Deaf here and we do enjoy your music.”

But he didn’t stop there.

In a subsequent tweet, he called out Vevo for not including captions in music videos, noting that “you earn more than 650 mill per year” and that closed caption services would only cost them “$6 (or less) to INSTANTLY appeal to a wider audience.”

Grande took notice and released her “7 Rings” video with closed captioning.

In December, DiMarco told Out magazine that “captioning enhances the viewing experience,” adding that “it should be a standard part of any filmed media, and not as an afterthought, but as a part of the ultimate golden standard of universal design.”