Shepard Fairey, Drew Barrymore team up for wine design


Shepard Fairey has made his mark on an unexpected spot -- Drew Barrymore’s Pinot Grigio. The street artist and actress teamed up to create a label for her eponymous variety that was released last month.

The label features Barrymore’s family crest and was designed by Fairey’s Los Angeles-based creative firm Studio Number One, which counts Disney, Google and Comedy Central among its clientele.

The $20 bottle of wine distributed by Wilson Daniels is made from grapes grown in Italy’s northeast area of Triveneto. The Pinot appears to be a hit with oenophiles and recently picked up a gold medal in the prestigious French Le Challenge International du Vin.


Taste aside, however, the Twittersphere hasn’t been kind to the design, with critics tweeting that the logo was “blah” and would go unnoticed without the stars’ names attached.

The wine design is another addition to Fairey’s recent artistic Hollywood-related endeavors. The Los Angeles artist is working with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment to adapt George Orwell’s dystopian classic “1984” for the big screen. Fairey could earn a producer credit once the deal is done.

He also got animated on “The Simpsons,” playing a graffiti artist/police informant in an episode called “Exit Through the Kwik-E Mart,” a nod to the 2010 Oscar-nominated documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”


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