‘Innocence of Muslims’
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10 controversial films based on religion

‘Innocence of Muslims’
So far the inflammatory 14-minute video has spurred riots, violence and lawsuits as a result of its YouTube run. It has no apparent chance of becoming a theatrical release, and thus will probably not capitalize financially on its infamy. (Sam Bacile)
‘The Passion of the Christ’
Mel Gibson got into the director’s chair for this 2004 retelling of Jesus Christ’s final hours on Earth. Controversy followed, along with huge box office: The movie earned $370.8 million domestically. (Philippe Antonello / Marquis Films)
‘The Last Temptation of Christ’
Director Martin Scorsese’s film rendition of the Nikos Kazantzakis novel generated headlines in 1988 when protesters marched outside the gates of releasing studio Universal Pictures. Audiences yawned, though, and the movie earned a paltry $8.4 million. (Universal Studios)
‘The Da Vinci Code’
This 2006 book-to-film translation from Sony Pictures scored at the box office, earning $217.5 million domestically -- though it’s unclear whether protests from religious organizations hurt or helped the bottom line. (Columbia Pictures)
This 2011 vampire clerical drama, about a priest who disobeys the church to go hunting blood suckers, fizzled with audiences, earning only $4.2 million. (Scott Garfield / Screen Gems / MCT)
This well-reviewed 1994 Miramax movie -- about a clergyman’s struggle to reconcile his homosexuality with church doctrine -- was much more controversial than its 2011 cousin, but made almost exactly the same money at the box office.  (Nicky Johnston / Miramax / Associated Press)
‘Battlefield Earth’
Scientology went big screen with this sci-fi drama starring John Travolta. The big-budget extravaganza baffled critics and ticket buyers alike. Its reported $73 million in production budget bought it only $21 million at the box office. (Warner Bros.)
‘Life of Brian’
The Monty Python gang got pilloried for their look at the spiritual journey of a Christ-like man named Brian, and the Christian-esque religion he inspired, with this 1979 Warner Bros. comedy. The comedy and the controversy paid off with a $20-million box-office return -- good money, in 1979. (Monty Python)
‘Little Buddha’
Keanu Reeves starred as Siddhartha in director Bernardo Bertolucci’s story of the Buddha. Did the world’s Buddhists protest? They certainly didn’t buy movie tickets. Fewer than $5 million in tickets were sold.  ()
Director Kevin Smith had already shaken the world with indie films like “Clerks,” “Mallrats” and “Chasing Amy” when he turned his lens to religion. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Linda Fiorentino couldn’t boost the box office above $30 million. ()