Ex-Maker Studios CEO launches digital media company

A screenshot of, the latest venture by former Maker Studios CEO Danny Zappin.

A little over a year after leaving Maker Studios, former CEO Danny Zappin announced the launch of Zealot, his new digital media company.

Zappin made headlines in June 2013 after suing Maker Studios, alleging that he was the victim of a conspiracy to oust him from the board.

In April, Zappin sued Maker again to block a shareholder vote on the acquisition by Walt Disney Co. The studio agreed to buy the online video production giant in a deal worth up to $950 million. 

Zappin’s new company “empowers creative entrepreneurs and talent, delivering multi-platform revenue, distribution and growth opportunities,” according to a release issued Monday.


The company secured $25 million in funding from investors, including Zappin and more than 15 former and current Maker Studios employees, talent and members of the management team. The funding will contribute to operations, acquisitions and investments.

“With Zealot, I’m pursuing my greater vision of empowering creative individuals with a new focus on entrepreneurs, distribution and emerging platforms,” Zappin said in a statement. 

A rep for the company told the Los Angeles Times that Zappin is not available for interviews.

The website features a definition of its namesake zealot, which means “a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their ideals.”


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