‘The Walking Dead’ shows life on Twitter

The fourth-season premiere of AMC's zombie drama "The Walking Dead" sent real-life humans scrambling for their Twitter accounts. It ranked as the most social TV show on Twitter.
The fourth-season premiere of AMC’s zombie drama “The Walking Dead” sent real-life humans scrambling for their Twitter accounts. It ranked as the most social TV show on Twitter.
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“The Walking Dead” sent more than a few humans scrambling to their Twitter accounts during its fourth season premiere Sunday.

The AMC drama, set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humans seek to evade flesh-eating zombies, placed at the top of the Nielsen’s Twitter TV rankings for the week of Oct. 7.

The show attracted a television audience of 16.1 million viewers — a record for the series. It also generated a ton of chatter on social media, with some 1.2 million tweets attracting a Twitter audience of nearly 7.5 million, according to Nielsen’s SocialGuide unit.

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FX’s horror anthology “American Horror Story: Coven” ranked as the second-most social program on TV, producing 435,600 comments and an audience of more than 4.6 million on Twitter.

The full rankings for the week, according to Nielsen:

  1. The Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday, Unique Audience: 7,491200, Tweets: 1,172000
  2. American Horror Story: Coven (FX), Wednesday, Unique Audience: 4,623,800, Tweets: 435,600
  3. Catfish: The TV Show (MTV), Tuesday, Unique Audience: 3,544,300, Tweets: 743,600
  4. The X Factor (FOX), Wednesday, Unique Audience: 2,393,300, Tweets: 422,900
  5. The Voice (NBC), Monday, Unique Audience: 1,972,200, Tweets: 115,000
  6. Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC), Wednesday, Unique Audience: 1,942,500, Tweets: 57,100
  7. Dancing with the Stars (ABC), Monday, Unique Audience: 1,695,900, Tweets: 43,500
  8. WWE Monday Night RAW (USA), Monday, Unique Audience: 1,391,600, Tweets: 176,800
  9. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!), Sunday, Unique Audience: 1,215,600, Tweets: 32,900
  10. The Voice (NBC), Tuesday, Unique Audience: 1,147,800, Tweets: 49,000

CORRECTION: Due to erroneous information furnished by Nielsen, the social media reaction to “Glee’s” tribute to the late Corey Monteith was omitted from the results for the week of Oct. 7. The show’s send-off to Monteith produced 822,100 tweets that reached a Twitter audience of 5.2 million; ranking as the second-most discussed show of the week on the social media platform.


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