A look back at all the ‘Star Trek’ movies and shows so far, as the franchise boldly looks to the future


The venerable space saga has enjoyed many incarnations on screens big and small. Now “Star Trek” prepares an unprecedented expansion, with more series and movies in development than ever before.

The original television show (known to fans as “The Original Series” or “TOS”) ran from 1966 to 1969 on NBC. An enormously successful syndicated run spawned fandom and even conventions, leading to an animated series in 1973.

That show was even shorter lived (two seasons) but won an Emmy for animated series — the only best series Emmy the franchise has earned. But the fandom continued to grow.


The rest is pop-culture history: A then-unheard-of big-budget revival film in 1979 spawned a cinematic franchise with 13 entries; an award-winning sequel series (“The Next Generation,” starring Patrick Stewart as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard) in the ’80s lasted more than twice as long as “TOS”; five more spinoff series followed, including the current “Star Trek: Discovery”; there’s a “Discovery”-related short-film series, “Short Treks”; and much more is on the way.

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Here are the shows and films we know of:


Live Action

“Star Trek” (1966-69)

“Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987-94)

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” (1993-99)

“Star Trek: Voyager” (1995-2001)

“Star Trek: Enterprise” (2001-05)

“Star Trek: Discovery” (2017-present)

“Star Trek: Short Treks” (2017-present)

Untitled Jean-Luc Picard-focused series (end of 2019)

Untitled Philippa Georgiou/Section 31 series (coming 2020)

Yet-to-be-announced shows (in development)


“Star Trek: The Animated Series” (1973-74)

“Star Trek: Lower Decks” (in development)

Untitled Nickelodeon series (in development)



The Original Series

“Star Trek: The Motion Picture” (1979)

“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” (1982)

“Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” (1984)

“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” (1986)

“Star Trek V: The Final Frontier” (1989)

“Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” (1991)

Next Generation

“Star Trek Generations” (1994)

“Star Trek: First Contact” (1996)

“Star Trek: Insurrection” (1998)

“Star Trek: Nemesis” (2002)

Kelvin Timeline (Original series reboot)

“Star Trek” (2009)

“Star Trek Into Darkness” (2013)

“Star Trek Beyond” (2016)

Untitled S.J. Clarkson film (in development)

Untitled Quentin Tarantino film (in development)