Riley Keough reveals her method behind those intimate scenes on ‘The Girlfriend Experience’


Riley Keough talks about meeting all the actors she has sex scenes with in ‘The Girlfriend Experience.’

As the star of “The Girlfriend Experience,” the sleek Starz drama about a high-end escort, Riley Keough (“Mad Max: Fury Road,” “Magic Mike”) interacted with a number of actors with whom she had to share much more than just dialogue.

“It was different, guy to guy,” Keough said of the multiple bedroom scenes when she stopped by The Envelope for a video chat recently. “Some of them were more nervous than others,” she noted of the various co-stars who portrayed clients of her character Christine Reade.

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“I think a difficult thing about the show is constantly having to be intimate with different personalities every day, just because it takes a lot of energy— not just the sex, but the interactions with the actors. That was intense.”


In addition to “The Girlfriend Experience,” Keough recently finished the feature film “The Discovery” with Robert Redford, due out in 2017.

See our full interview with Keough below.


Riley Keough discusses her Starz show “The Girlfriend Experience.”



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